Anxiety-Reducing Habits


Tom Corley boats - cropAnxiety impairs focus, concentration and dampens creativity.

Brain researchers are learning that the brain works best when it is in a relaxed state. By relaxed state, they mean when your prefrontal cortex is not as active.

When the prefrontal cortex is in a relaxed state, focus, concentration and creativity increase significantly.

This is precisely why Thomas Edison took frequent naps during the day – it boosted his creativity, and ability to concentrate and focus. In a relaxed state, Edison was able to see solutions to his problems, which led to many of his groundbreaking inventions.

Habits that reduce anxiety:

  • Positivity – Researchers at Oxford University found that by looking away from negative, unpleasant people in a crowd and instead, focusing your attention of positive, upbeat people, reduced anxiety. The conclusion: positivity lowers anxiety and calms the brain.
  • Daydream – Daydreaming is a state of mind in which the prefrontal lobe is less active. It is most associated with the alpha stage of brainwave function. The prefrontal lobe drives most of the negative thinking associated with anxiety. When it is relaxed, anxiety dissipates.
  • Meditate – Like daydreaming, meditation slows down and relaxes the prefrontal lobe, reducing anxiety.
  • Exercise Aerobically – Aerobic exercise dampens the prefrontal lobe, and thus, anxiety.
  • Take a Break – Nap, meditate, relax. These periodic breaks calm the prefrontal cortex, reducing anxiety.

If you want to excel in life, forge the above habits in order to optimize brain performance. A calm brain improves focus, concentration and creativity.

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