When You Accept Responsibility – Miracles Happen


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If you follow me, you know that a victim mindset is a thinking habit that afflicts many poor people.

Those with this Poor Thinking habit refuse to accept responsibility for the circumstances of their life.

This is a major problem because if you are a victim that means you are not in control of your life. And if you accept, as fact, that you are not in control of your life, changing your life becomes impossible.

There are certain things that, without a doubt, are outside your control, such as genetic deficiencies, death of a spouse, natural disasters or a job loss due to economic downturns.

But for those things that are within your control, playing the victim will do you no good.

If you want to transform your life, you need to be honest with yourself. You need to look inward and through self-examination, take responsibility for the circumstances of your life.

Instead of blaming others, society, your upbringing, your parents, the government, Wall Street, the rich, etc., start replacing the language of victims – It’s not my fault, with the language of those who are pilots of their life – It is my fault.

  • It is my fault if I am perpetually overweight and now have heart disease, cancer, suffer a stroke, or contract some other self-made disease.
  • It is my fault if I contract Type II Diabetes due to my poor diet.
  • It is my fault if I have high blood pressure because I do little to no aerobic exercise.
  • It is my fault if I make a middle-class income, yet have no savings or investments.
  • It is my fault if my infidelities led to divorce.
  • It is my fault if I am poor because I gamble.
  • It is my fault if my life is a mess due to drugs or alcohol.
  • It is my fault if my anger has gotten me fired or damaged my relationships.
  • It is my fault if I do not have a strong network of friends.

It takes courage to accept responsibility for the circumstances of your life. But once you do, you become empowered to change your life. And that is when miracles become possible.

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  1. I agree with Shane because saying it is my fault” is more like blaming, which is pointless; whereas, saying “I am responsible” cuts out all possibility of mind games. Great message though, as usual 🙂 Would you do a post on taking baby-steps to becoming responsible? The things listed in this post are a huge leap to make for someone who is in victim mode, so maybe point out some smaller, intermediary ways that a person can assert more responsibility until they shift completely into empowerment that is aligned in mind and physical action. Thanks!

    • Agree with Maria’s comments. Saying that I am taking responsibility is very strong and compels you forward to the next step which is taking action to rectify.

      Also agree with Maria’s request for a post about becoming responsible and taking steps to improve one’s mindset and therefore situation.

    • step by step onn how to become responsible: STOP YOUR MIND AND DO IT. 🙂

  2. Lisa Schreiber says:

    This is such an important post! After many years of experience, observation, and study…I think this is the main underlying reason that the vast majority of people live lives of “quiet desperation,” and never fulfill their highest potential.

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