Success Hides Outside Your Comfort Zone


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Learning to read, was once a challenge. Now you can do it without much thought or effort.

Riding a bike, initially, was somewhat frightening, as you struggled to maintain your balance without tipping over. Now you can even ride without holding the handlebars.

If you know how to swim, you probably remember how difficult it was in the beginning.

Remember that first day at the new job? Almost everything was a challenge. New tasks, new people to figure out. Now you can do your job with ease and many of those new people have become some of your longest and strongest relationships. Maybe even good friends.

All of life’s new challenges eventually become routine things. And once they become routine, they become part of your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is like a circle. Everything inside that circle represents those things you are able to do without feeling challenged or stressed. Everything you’ve mastered in life, every skill, every know-how, all of your learning, lives with you inside your circle.

Your comfort zone circle, however, is only as large as the challenges you take on in life. The more challenges, the bigger your circle.

Some people have really big circles. They’re called successful entrepreneurs, virtuosos and experts.

You see, right outside your comfort zone is where success likes to hide. And it will keep hiding until your circle becomes too large and it runs out of hiding places. Then it must join you inside your circle.

Embrace new challenges. Welcome them. Seek them out. Continue to expand your circle and eventually success will become your roommate.

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