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Pursuing a dream is hard. It’s hard physically and it’s hard emotionally. Many who fail, are able to handle the hard work part but unable to handle the emotional part.

The ups and downs of pursuing a dream can last many years. Some are able to persist, but most are not and quit the battle.

The ones who persevere almost always have one thing in common besides passion – they have cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders are often the only thing standing between you and throwing in the towel. They are that incredibly important extra something that separates the winners from the losers.

I recently finished a great book called The Match. The book chronicles the amazing lives of golfers Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Ken Venturi and Harvey Ward.

When Ben Hogan turned professional, he struggled mightily. He even borrowed money from his new father-in-law to help fund his travel costs during one of his summer tours.

Hogan, one of the greatest golfers to have ever played the game, suffered through many years of eking out a living and barely getting by.

After getting knocked out of one too many tournaments, he hit a breaking point. He came home to his wife, threw his golf clubs on the floor and told his wife he had had enough. He was quitting golf.

His wife sat him down and told him that he was a great golfer. She said no one worked as hard as he did and that one day, very soon, he would win a tournament.

The very next month Hogan won his first professional golf tournament. What soon followed was a string of wins that put him at the top of the earnings list in professional golf.

We all need a cheerleaders in our lives but how do you find them?

By surrounding yourself with upbeat, optimistic people. When the majority of your inner circle is made up of positive, upbeat individuals, you will find cheerleaders everywhere you turn.

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