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There are certain habits that help you to respond positively and constructively to negative life events. These Response Habits get you back on track and enable you to respond to those negative life events in a way that alters the trajectory of your life forever:

  • Self-Improvement Response – When a wrench takes you off track, that is the time to figure out what went wrong, learn from it and make improvements that will help you become better, stronger, smarter than before.
  • Constructive Response – Life has a way of throwing wrenches onto the tracks of our lives. How we respond, how we react, to a wrench on the track, is a habit. We can wallow in self-pity, laying in bed for days at a time, or we can do something constructive in response to one of life’s wrenches. When a wrench takes you off the track, those who lead happy, healthy and successful lives, force themselves back on the track by doing something that actually serves to improve their lives – they channel the negativity of the event into running, exercising, healthy eating, self-improvement or some other constructive pursuit.
  • Re-Design Your Life Response – When things go wrong, that is the time to Dream-Set. Dream-Setting is the process of re-designing your life by mapping out the new life you desire. Some call it journaling. I like to call it scripting your ideal, perfect life. Scripting is a process in which you take yourself 5 – 10 years into the future and then write a script (1,000 words or more) about your future, ideal life. This scripting process helps you get back on track, allowing you to design the life of your dreams. It becomes your blueprint for the life you decide to create.
  • Tenacity Response – Wrenches take many form: setbacks, obstacles, breakups, divorce, job loss, health issues and other negative life events. Those who have forged the habit of Tenacity, take the bull by the horns and power through those negative life events. They do not submit to life, they conquer – they overcome the event by forcing themselves onto another track so they can keep moving forward.

Negative life events are a part of life. How you respond to them, however, is a habit. Will your response perpetuate the negativity or use it to change the trajectory of your life in a positive, constructive way?

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  1. My husband has always told our children life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

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