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A few weeks ago CNBC published an article of mine. It was about how the rich will always control the wealth because they know how to cultivate wealth.

Well, the article hit a nerve.

I received dozens of angry emails and tweets that not only berated my article, the comments debased my research and my intelligence. The interesting thing was, none of these critics knew me and none knew anything about my research. Yet, somehow, despite not doing their due diligence, they knew better. They were right and I was wrong.

It reminded me how powerful ideology is.

Ideology is programming that seeps into your subconscious mind, forged primarily in the fires of childhood. We typically pick up our ideologies from our parents. But we can also forge ideologies early in our lives through the influence of other family members, friends, peers, teachers or the neighborhood in which we live.

When you are anchored in ideology, it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how many degrees you have. You will, unknowingly, reject new or different ideas that run counter to an embraced ideology. You will dismiss the opinions, criticism and feedback of others that are in defiance of an embraced ideology. Ideology closes your mind and becomes a barrier to change.

One of the key Rich Habits, which lifts you up in life, making success possible, is being open-minded to the ideas of others. One of the key Poor Habits, which acts like an anchor, dragging you down in life, is being close-minded to the ideas of others.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    I love this post! Such an important reminder, especially in the social environment we’re in now!

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