Success is a Dam Breaker


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Ben Hogan is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time. But, in the winter of 1938, Hogan was on the verge of quitting golf.

After a very disappointing second round of golf, Hogan was in last place in the Oakland Open. There was one day and two rounds of golf left to play. When he got back to his hotel room, he told his wife, “that’s all, that’s enough.”

They were down to their last $50 and Hogan had had enough. He was going to quit golf.

His wife, Valerie, very calmly told him he was a great golfer and he would eventually begin to make money playing golf. The very next day, feeding off of Valerie’s strength, Hogan tore up the golf course and finished in the top 16. He received the largest check of his life, $285.

His success at Oakland broke the dam. He received a job at the Century Club as an assistant pro, which ended his financial woes. Just two years later, Hogan would tie the course record at the North and South Championship in Pinehurst. After Pinehurst, he won the next two PGA events in succession. Lucrative endorsement deals followed as did lucrative offers to play in exhibitions.

Initial success is hard. It’s a hard climb. But here’s the thing – you only need to succeed once. Once you experience success, that initial success breaks the dam wide open. That is when opportunities for more success come pouring in.

So, you must stick with your dream. Never quit on your dreams. You only need to be right once.

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