Success Changes How Others Perceive You


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You are perceived by others in a certain way.

Sometimes that perception is favorable, unfavorable or one of indifference.

When you succeed at something, however, all perceptions of you change. People admire success. People envy success. So, if you succeed, you will be both admired and envied.

Success acts like a magnet. It attracts all sorts of people. It will attract the kind of people you want to include in your inner circle – positive, upbeat, enthusiastic, success-minded individuals. It will also attract the kind of people you want to disassociate yourself with – the negative, toxic types. If you follow me, you already know how to identify both types.

Success changes your life, forever. Unique opportunities manifest out of thin air. Doors, previously closed to you, swing wide open. Devotees or apostles are easy to find. Money problems disappear. You have increased freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want.

The fruits of success are plentiful. That is why the pursuit of success, no matter how hard the climb, is worth it.

Not many are willing to make that climb, however. The sacrifices, the adversity, the stress, the risks and the investment in time frighten most away from the pursuit. That is why there are so few at the top of the mountain.

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