You Are a Collage of Many People


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You are what you are because of the many people in your life. These people helped you form your habits, they helped you form your beliefs, they helped you forge your work ethic and they helped to direct and guide you in choosing what to do with your life.

Good or bad, the people who were a part of your life were a major factor in determining the circumstances of your current life.

If your circumstances are very good, meaning you are financially well off, happy and successful, chances are you were and are surrounded by good role models.

If your circumstances are not very good, meaning you are struggling financially, unhappy and not successful, chances are you were and are surrounded by bad role models.

But, no matter your current circumstances, you and you alone have the power and ability to alter your current circumstances.

If you are among the many who are struggling financially, unhappy and not successful, what do you do? Is it too late for you to change your circumstances?

The answer is – it is never too late to change. There are many examples of individuals, well into the twilight of their lives, who completely changed the circumstances of their lives. Grandma Moses began painting at age 80. Colonel Sanders was in his early 60’s when KFC was born. Ray Kroc was 55 when he founded McDonalds.

So, what can you do to change the circumstances of your life? How do you change your collage?

You must change your relationships. You must surround yourself with individuals who possess the following attributes:

  • Good Money Habits – Surround yourself with individuals who are good with money. These individuals possess good savings habits, frugal spending habits and prudent investment habits.
  • Success-Minded – Surround yourself with individuals who are pursuing success, a dream, big goals, etc.
  • Resilient – Surround yourself with individuals with a positive, can-do belief system.
  • Optimists – Surround yourself with individuals who are upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic about life.
  • Health Obsessed – Surround yourself with individuals who take care of their bodies – who exercise every day and eat healthy.
  • Self-Help Fanatics – Surround yourself with individuals who are self-improvement fanatics. These individuals are constantly reading and seeking to improve themselves.
  • Generous – Surround yourself with individuals who are generous with their time and money. You’ll find them sitting on boards of local, community non-profits.

You are a collage of many people. If you want to change your life, you must change who you associate with. The right people will infect you with their good habits and, in time, their collage will become your collage.

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  1. Wherever these people are who have all those attributes please let me know. Just kidding! I think. Thanks for another inspiring message. One of the reasons why I read your posts is because you are good example of someone who strives to live by the code of success, and I appreciate that.

  2. Lisa Schreiber says:

    Hi Tom….Great post! As I finished the article, a very clear thought came to me that if we want to form relationships with people who possess the attributes you list, we would want to possess those attributes ourselves! That way, we are much more likely to attract and be of interest to those who have already developed themselves along these lines! So, I am looking to see where I may need some brushing up!

  3. Thomas C. Corley, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! customer essay

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