Persistence Turns Dreams Into Reality

This August I will be speaking alongside Mark Victor Hansen at the National Achievers Congress.

Mark, along with Jack Canfield, authored the book Chicken Soup of the Soul. With nearly 500 million copies sold, that book put Jack and Mark into the Guinness World Book of Records for the most books sold by any author or author team.

My first book, Rich Habits, published in 2010, had sold less than 1,000 copies through July, 15 2013. For over three years I was doing everything I could to promote Rich Habits, but media attention was nearly impossible to come by. Nonetheless, I kept at it. I kept pitch-Tweeting the media about my Rich Habits. My perseverance paid off on July 16, 2013 when a Yahoo interview I had done in June, 2013 went viral with over 2 million hits within a 24 hour period.

What followed is the stuff dreams are made of. I was interviewed by Dave Ramsey, the #3 radio host in the Unites States. He saw the Yahoo interview and invited me on his radio show.  Eight million people listened to Dave interview me about my Rich Habits for 30 minutes. Then CBS reached out to me and off I was to Boston for a CBS interview that was seen by over 20 million people in the U.S. and Canada. SUCCESS Magazine followed with an amazing interview for their October, 2014 magazine edition. And, on and on.

As a result, I have sold an enormous number of books.

And now I will be speaking alongside one of the greatest self-help experts in the world. I am where I am today because I dared to dream and refused to quit on my dream.

Dream. Dream big dreams.

Set audacious goals.

Focus on your dreams and goals every day.

Anything is possible. This small town boy from Freehold, New Jersey, a nobody-CPA, is real-life proof that dreams can come true and that those who refuse to quit, turn dreams into reality.

Never Quit on Your Dreams!

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Thomas C. Corley About Thomas C. Corley

Tom Corley is a bestselling author, speaker, and media contributor for Business Insider, CNBC and a few other national media outlets.

His Rich Habits research has been read, viewed or heard by over 50 million people in 25 countries around the world.

Besides being an author, Tom is also a CPA, CFP, holds a master’s degree in taxation and is President of Cerefice and Company, a CPA firm in New Jersey.
Phone Number: 732-382-3800 Ext. 103.
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  1. This is a great reminder and I believe it also speaks to the importance of having a passion and truly believing in something. When you know you have something of value, and want to increase that of others…it is easy to persist evem when there is a lull or a time of seemingly little achievement. I cannot help but think of Jack Ma who worked for two years without any profit to create a platform that would allow Chinese merchants to share their products and sell them to the world. He added value to so many and now he is among the wealthiest man in China.

    Im loving your energy and what comes through on your blog. I can feel it! Thank you for sharing this with us.


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