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In 2013 I began something called a Victory Log. I learned about the Victory Log from the legendary author and success guru, Jack Canfield at a 2013 Break Through Success week-long event I attended.

A Victory Log is a listing of all of your wins.

Since I began my Victory Log, I have compiled 70 wins. I use my Victory Log as a tool to help keep me motivated and on course in achieving my goals and realizing my dreams.

The Victory Log can also be a tool to help you define the wins, the victories, you desire. This Dreamer Victory Log will then become a blueprint for becoming the future you.

Here’s how it works – On your Dreamer Victory Log list as many hypothetical wins (future desired wins) as you can. Let your imagination run wild. The more audacious, the better. Shoot for 100 Dream Victories.

At the beginning of every week review your Dreamer Victory Log. The Dreamer Victory Log does a couple of things:

  • It will help re-program your subconscious (limbic system and brain stem) with new instructions and put your subconscious to work. Through intuition, your subconscious will communicate to you the new behaviors and habits that you will need to engage in in order to accomplish each hypothetical win.
  • It will toggle on your Reticular Activating System (RAS) and Thalmus. Your RAS, through your five senses and your Thalmus, will act like a radar, seeking out clues within your environment that will help you to realize each hypothetical win. These clues represent opportunities that were previously invisible to you. These opportunities are like bread crumbs that lead you along the correct path – the path that will help you accomplish each win.
  • It will help you focus like a laser on the activities, behaviors and habits that will turn each hypothetical win into reality.
  • It will turn on or off certain genes, essentially re-wiring your DNA, in an effort to help you accomplish each win. This is called epigenetics.
  • It will supercharge your brain by shifting your mindset from negative to positive. Studies have shown that optimism and positivity amp up your pre-frontal cortex and turn down your amygdala. Your pre-frontal cortex is the font of creativity, good decision-making and is the command and control center of the brain. You amygdala is the command and control center of negative emotions like fear. Your pre-frontal cortex will send out commands to the rest of the brain, including the amygdala, to help coordinate all of the activities that you will need to engage in in order to create a win. The Dreamer Victory Log gets your entire brain working together like a symphony to help you realize each win.

The Dreamer Victory Log re-wires your brain for success. It is a powerful tool that will help transform your life.

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  1. Canfield has a really good book called Success Principles that doesn’t get the attention Chicken Soup for the Soul does. I believe Lou Holtz did something similar with the Dreamer Log, writing out a hundred or so different things he wanted to accomplish, and that was a pivot point in his life as he went on to accomplish most of them.

  2. Janeen Schissler says:

    Great article! I’ve never heard of the victory log. Great tool for reaching goals!

  3. Tom, thank you so much for this amazing tool. I felt a little silly adding “ride a camel” to my log, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do so after reading your article I did. Just a few weeks later I went to a meeting about a mission trip our church was hosting. I was all in by her 3rd sentence, but it got even better. As we were wrapping up the meeting, she told me as an aside that we might even get to ride a camel. I had chills! It never would have occurred to me that one of my dreams – especially this one – would come true so quickly and not at all in the manner I would have expected. We did ride camels on that trip and it was amazing!

    I am learning not to limit myself and just put things down in writing that I want to accomplish. Thankfully, my brain doesn’t know it has limits and keeps churning away at making things happen.

    Wishing you all the best,


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