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Why pursue goals? What benefits will you derive from realizing a goal?

Every goal you decide to pursue must have tangible rewards. Rewards are the fruits of your labors. Rewards create clarity of vision.

When you can visualize the rewards for every goal, you emotionalize the goal. You engage your limbic system, the command and control center of your emotions.

Emotionalized goals empower you. They give you the motivation and energy to overcome adversity. When you are able to emotionalize a goal, obstacles, pitfalls and mistakes will not stand in your way of achieving your goals.

Emotionalized goals create persistence. Persistence creates consistency of action. Consistency of action creates progress. Progress = self-improvement and changes who you are.

Why are you pursuing any of your goals?

Visualizing the rewards unleashes the innate powers of achievement that reside inside each one of us, making us unstoppable.

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