The Potpourri of Success


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Richard Branson is a nice guy. His employees enjoy working with him. He is a pleasure to be around.

Steve Jobs, not so much. He wasn’t a nice person and his employees, while in awe of him, found him difficult to work with.

Peter McKay, a well-known multi-millionaire in New Jersey, was generous to everyone he met.

Andrew Carnegie, at one time the wealthiest person in America, was tight-fisted and frugal with everyone.

Woodrow Wilson was the only President of the United States with a Phd.

Abraham Lincoln, another American President, grew up very poor, was raised in a log cabin built by his father and had less than twelve months of formal education.

There is no boilerplate when it comes to success. And this is a good thing. It’s a good thing because it means success is possible for anyone who wants it, no matter your personality, education, lack of education or economic upbringing.

If a poor boy raised in a log cabin, with very limited formal education can grow up to become President of the United States, well, pretty much anything is possible.

All that is required is the ability to dream and then taking action on your dreams. Do not let fear, doubt or any limiting beliefs stop you from pursuing your dream. You are much more than you ever imagined yourself to be.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    I completely agree with today’s message! I was thinking this morning about the distinction between succeeding at something and just doing it. When we hope to succeed at something, all sorts of blocks can pop up to challenge us, depending upon our programming regarding how “successful” a person we think we are. On the other hand, when we set out to just do something; we can be free of all self-judgement! This has been working wonderfully for me lately in my cardio and strength training at the gym.

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