How Committed Are You?


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When you pursue a dream you will very quickly learn that every step of the way, especially in the early going, obstacles, challenges, pitfalls, mistakes, false assumptions, unexpected consequences and unmet expectations are constant bedfellows.

All of those things are known by one word – adversity.

Adversity exists for two core reasons:

#1 Reason: Adversity Forces You To Grow – Adversity requires that you become expert in your knowledge (reading to learn every day) and your actions (daily deliberate practice), which eventually transforms you into a Virtuoso in what you do. Through this growth, you become transformed into a new person – the person you need to be in order to realize your dream. When you realize your dream, you are a success. Wealth typically follows, but wealth is just a byproduct of realizing a dream.

#2 Reason: Adversity Tests Your Commitment – Dreamers who eventually succeed all share one thing in common – a fanatical commitment in pursuing and realizing their dream. This commitment often takes many years. It consumes you. You think about your dream and the goals behind your dream every waking moment and even, oftentimes, in your dreams. Those who are truly committed are able to shake off mistakes, failures, unmet expectations and unexpected consequences. The are able to power through pitfalls and obstacles. The truly committed simply refuse to quit, no matter how difficult the journey might be. Eventually, their unrelenting commitment results in good luck – the truly committed eventually get lucky. Opportunity good luck is a byproduct of the truly committed.

The truly committed overcome adversity. Adversity tests the commitment of dreamers.

So, how committed are you to your dream? Will you do whatever it takes to realize your dream? Will you pursue your dream every day?

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