Toxic People Are Stress Transporters


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“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”― Oscar Wilde

One of the clear signs of a toxic person is stress. Toxic people distribute stress, infecting those they come into contact with.

Their lives are replete with drama, affecting everyone they come into contact with.

They are like mail carriers, except what they deliver is stress in the form of financial problems, relationship problems, anxiety, unhappiness, negativity, emergencies and, in general, problems.

Stress is one of the major contributors to disease. When you are infected with stress by a toxic person, that stress stays long after the toxic person has departed.

If you surround yourself with toxic, negative people, you are allowing yourself to swim in a pool of stress, negatively impacting your health.

Conversely, positive people are not carriers of stress. In fact, positive people help to remove or subdue stress, improving your outlook and your health.

This is one of the reasons why successful, happy, healthy and upbeat people avoid associating with toxic people – they know that toxic people are harmful.

Make a habit of only associating with upbeat, positive, success-minded people and you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy, stress-free live.

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  1. So true Tom ! and so difficult when you have to work with this kind of people. Even when you’re positive and sending out good vibes. What’s your suggestion ?

  2. The point you make is common among self-help advocates and while I practice it myself I also have received the same rewards by being the positive example helping others overcome their toxicity.

  3. Thomas C. Corley, thanks! And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!order custom essay

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