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The end game of grinding it out in pursuit of some dream is success.

That grind can take many years. So, what keeps self-made millionaires in the game, until success materializes?

Cascade Events.

Cascade Events are those little victories that take place during the grinding out phase.

Cascade Events give you a small window, through which you are able to peer, that inspire and motivate you. They provide momentary hope that you are on the right path and that, eventually, true success is just a matter of time.

Without Cascade Events, most would give up, quit on their dream, and never realize ultimate success. Cascade Events keep you in the game.

This is why, I believe, it is critical to maintain a running list of all of your victories in the form of a Victory Log. The Victory Log reminds you how far along you’ve come.

This is also why, I believe, it is critical to craft a hypothetical Victory Log, or Dreamer Victory Log.

The Dreamer Victory Log acts like a compass. It helps provide clarity by highlighting the dream victories you hope to achieve. These very specific dream victories are future victory goals you hope to realize during the grinding out phase. The Dreamer Victory Log sets the stage for the future victories you desire.

And this keeps you on task. It helps to push you along, from victory to victory. Until, ultimately, you arrive at your destination – the realization of your dream.

Cascade Events, those small wins that occur during the pursuit of your dream, are minor turning points that let you know you are on the right path.

Cascade Events are evidence that something worked – some activity, some new habit, some intuitive thinking, something tangible which created the victory. They are your little “Ah Ha” moments.

These “Ah Ha” moments then allow you to create processes around what worked, helping you to produce more future wins which ultimately lead to the realization of your dream.

Each Cascade Event propels you up and forward, closer and closer to the realization of your dream.

Cascade Events, those small victories you experience during the pursuit of your dream, let you know that you are indeed figuring things out – that you are moving in the right direction, that you are winning and that the grind is worth it.

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