Your Thoughts Create Your Habits


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When your thoughts are negative, you create Poor Habits.

When your thoughts are positive, you create Rich Habits.

For example, if you are envious or greedy of the things other people have, this can lead to several Poor Habits:

  • Theft – Stealing from others who have more so that you can have what they have.
  • Cheating – Breaking the rules in order to get what you want.
  • Lying – Saying whatever you need to say in order to get your way.
  • Gossip – Stabbing others in the back with your words in order to help move you forward or make you look better.

If, however, you are grateful for what you have, this can lead to several Rich Habits:

  • Saving Money – Because you are happy with what you have, you don’t feel you need more, so you save.
  • Reduced Spending – Once again, because you are happy with what you have, you don’t cave into the consumerist demands of society and, thus, spend less money.
  • Charity – Because you are happy with what you have, you are able to a portion of your excess income to help others who are more in need.

Be careful of your thoughts. Your thoughts create the habits that you have. When your thoughts are bad, your habits will be bad. When your thoughts are good, your habits will be good.

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