6 Self-Improvement Habits of High Achievers


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High Achievers become Virtuosos in their field, industry or profession.

Virtuosos share two common traits:

  1. Expert Knowledge and
  2. Expert Skills

The common path all High Achiever-Virtuosos travel in order to gain expertise is self-improvement.

Self-improvement requires daily effort. Below are the six self-improvement habits of High Achievers:

  1. Read – High Achievers read to learn, a minimum of 30 minutes every day.
  2. Listen – High Achievers become expert in their knowledge by attending seminars or by listening to podcasts, speakers or audio books.
  3. Watching – High Achievers become expert in their knowledge by watching other experts. This could, once again be attending seminars or speaking engagements. It could also be watching TEDx videos, Youtube videos, etc.
  4. Write – High Achievers reinforce their knowledge by writing Writing is a form of communication. Whenever you communicate knowledge you are forced to a higher level of understanding of the topic you are communicating.
  5. Speak – Speaking is another form of communication. Like writing, speaking forces you to a higher level of understanding of the topic you are communicating.
  6. Do – Doing requires that you put your knowledge into action. This action typically takes the form of Deliberate Practice. Deliberate Practice is Focus. Focused practice requires that you isolate specific components of whatever skill you are honing in order to become an expert. Tennis players, for example, will focus one day entirely on their serve. Another day, their backhand. Another day, the overhead, etc. Every skill has multiple components. High Achievers become expert in every component of a skill.

If you want to become a High Achieving-Virtuoso in your field, industry or profession, you must forge the daily habit of self-improvement.

Most of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits study who became Virtuosos in their field of expertise engage in daily self-improvement two to five hours every day.

The world pays a premium for the services, products or expertise of High Achievers. That premium translates into higher earnings and increased wealth that can then be invested to produce passive or residual income – income you do have to continuously work for to produce.

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