Dream Disruptors


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Toxic people are Dream Disruptors.

They throw a wrench into your path, disrupting your march towards success. This is why it is critical to eliminate toxic people from your inner circle.

There are certain give-aways, traits or signs that will help you easily identify toxic people.:

  • Sarcasm – Toxic people use sarcasm to demean. Their goal is to take you down a notch, which makes them feel superior to you. Oftentimes this sarcasm is shrouded in humor. When you see this Poor Habit or toxic trait in anyone, you know you are in the presence of a toxic person.
  • Gossip – Toxic people have the Poor Habit of gossiping. Gossiping is almost always negative. The underlying goal of gossip is to impair or damage your reputation.  When you find out someone gossiped about you, distance yourself from them. They have only one goal in mind and that is to disrupt you.
  • Negative Mindset – Toxic people often possess a negative mindset. They see problems everywhere. They see negative outcomes everywhere. They see the bad in every situation.
  • Money Problems – Toxic people struggle financially. They have difficulty paying their bills. They are swimming is debt. They live beyond their means. They do not make enough money to sustain their standard of living.
  • Relationship Problems – Toxic people struggle with their relationships. They do things, like gossiping, that undermine the relationship. Toxic people do not have many friends or long-term relationships. They are constantly bickering or fighting with family members.
  • Job Hopping – Toxic people struggle in maintaining a job. Because of their toxic traits, their work lives are in constant turmoil. They hop from one job to the next.
  • Deceitful – Toxic people cannot be trusted. They have a reputation of being untrustworthy and will, eventually, stab you in the back.

Toxic people infect you with their toxic traits.

Once you become aware of these toxic traits, however, toxic people lose their power over you.

It’s very much like diffusing a bomb before it detonates and can cause any damage. Awareness enables you to shake off anything toxic people might say or do to take you off purpose – the pursuit of your dreams and goals.


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  1. Thank you. This allows me to be more aware of other’s toxicity and avoid being a toxic one too!

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