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How many of you are perfect?

How many of you had amazingly perfect parents?

Here’s a little, dirty secret – we are all products of an imperfect upbringing.

So, will you wallow in your dysfunctional upbringing?

Not me. I will not.

I intend to rise above my inherited imperfections.

Will you join me?

The path to overcoming the imperfections that are a byproduct of your upbringing is awareness. Awareness of the minutiae that is holding you back.

That minutiae is represented by the unconscious programming you received during your upbringing, primarily from your parents.

That unconscious programming is why:

  • You eat too much junk food
  • You are negative and unhappy
  • You respond with anger to those around you
  • You find fault in everything around you
  • You do not read to learn
  • You do not exercise
  • You have Type II diabetes
  • You drink too much
  • You curse
  • You sabotage relationships
  • You quit when the going gets tough
  • You see yourself as stupid
  • You think you’re inferior

Awareness of your faults opens your eyes to them. If you want to change your life, you must become aware of and then change the imperfections that are the springboard for the life you currently have.

We are all imperfect because we were raised imperfectly. Dysfunction is commonplace and omnipresent. But the flaws you inherited from your upbringing do not have to be a death sentence.

Acknowledge your flaws. Make a list of them. Stare at them.

Once you see them on paper, they begin to lose their power over you.

Then, change is possible.

You can rewrite the script for your life. The life you desire is completely within your control.

Envy your future.

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