What’s Your Plan?


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Jerry Rice was overlooked by all of the big college football programs. As a result, he had to settle for a very small school in Mississippi, called Mississippi Valley State (MVS).

The school was so small and poor that its football athletes wore borrowed uniforms.

Rice ran the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds, rather than the speedy 4.3 seconds needed to catch the attention of those who mattered.

Nonetheless, Rice had a dream and that dream included a plan. That dream was to become a professional football player. But not just any professional football player. Rice wanted to be the best wide receiver ever to play the game.

So, his plan included relentless practice. Rice followed that plan religiously while at MVS and eventually his hard work ethic caught the eye of Bill Walsh, the coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Walsh took Rice as the 16th player in the first round of the 1985 draft.

The unknown kid from a small school in Mississippi was officially a first-round draft choice.

But Rice did not abandon his plan and continued, throughout his career, following his plan by working hard every day to perfect his skills and knowledge.

Jerry Rice eventually realized his dream. He is the all-time leader in most major statistical categories for wide receivers in the history of the National Football League.

All plans begin with a dream. Find your dream and your dream will reveal your plan.

What’s Your Dream? Buried deep inside every dream is a plan, or path to the realization of that dream.

Find your dream and your plan will unfold, revealing itself.

Dreams create clarity. Clarity reveals the path towards the realization of those dreams. When that path then becomes your life plan, dreams become a reality.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    In this one brief post you have captured the essence of this amazing process in a way that other authors struggle through an entire book to convey, and still don’t express with the beauty and power that you have here!
    Thank you!

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