Envy Fuels Want Spending


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Want Spenders spend more money than they make on their wants. They surrender to instant gratification, eschewing saving in order to buy things they want now: 60 inch TVs, nice vacations, expensive cars, bigger homes and jewelry. Want Spenders routinely gamble away part of their income. They also spend too much money at bars and restaurants. Worse, they incur debt in order to finance their standard of living.

Want Spenders create their own poverty.

Want Spending is a Poor Habit fueled by envy.

When you are envious, you want what others have, even if you can’t afford it. The non-rich want what the rich have. So, they engage in Want Spending in order to satisfy their envy. This is one of the main reasons credit card debt has exploded among the non-rich.

What shuts off Want Spending’s fuel, is gratitude. Gratitude is the gateway to a positive mental outlook and the salve which cures the Poor Habit of Want Spending.

When you are grateful for what you have, you no longer envy what others have.

But, gratitude, like envy, is a mental habit that must first be forged before it does its magic. Once you forge that habit, gratitude stops Want Spending in its tracks.

If you want to live below your means and save money, you must shift your thinking habit from envy to gratitude.


Every morning express gratitude for three things that went right in your life the day before:

  • My car started, and I am grateful.
  • My air conditioner worked, I am grateful.
  • Someone said something nice to me, and I am grateful.

This morning routine helps reprogram your thinking from negative (envy) to positive (gratitude). Within a few weeks you will start to see things differently. Positivity will replace negativity. Your glass will begin to be seen as half-filled, not half-empty.

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