So Much of Success is Within Your Control


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I am the living, breathing embodiment that success is totally within your control.

I never felt I was good enough.

I never had much, if any, confidence in myself.

I never thought I was smart.

I still struggle with being lazy, or thinking I’m lazy.

And worst of all, I spent most of my life thinking success was all about luck. Luck I believed I sorely lacked.

But that all changed.

It changed the moment I decided to pursue a dream.

That dream was to become JC Jobs, the world’s #1 self-help expert.

JC Jobs is the main character in many of my books. He is the embodiment of success. And he helps millions believe in themselves, realize their dreams and transform their lives.

I do not know if I will ever become JC Jobs. But here’s what I do know.

My dream revealed my potential. Potential I never knew I had.

It was there all along.

Now, every day I wake up and try. I read to learn. I write. I rack my brain trying to inspire others to believe in themselves, through my writing. I respond to every comment, every email, every text message and I try to mentor others who have a dream and who are struggling to realize their dream.

I believe that’s what JC Jobs would do. So, I’m doing it.

And one day I believe I will become JC Jobs. Do you know why?

Because I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am a hard worker.

All of those things I wasn’t, I became, all because I decided to follow my heart and pursue my dream.

Every great, amazing thing you want to be in life is hidden away inside your dreams.

Dreams are flowers that reveal your inner magnificence and inner beauty.

Let them bloom.

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Tom Corley is a bestselling author, speaker, and media contributor for Business Insider, CNBC and a few other national media outlets.

His Rich Habits research has been read, viewed or heard by over 50 million people in 25 countries around the world.

Besides being an author, Tom is also a CPA, CFP, holds a master’s degree in taxation and is President of Cerefice and Company, a CPA firm in New Jersey.
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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    A beautiful and important message, Tom! Thank you!
    Happy 4th to you and your family!

  2. Will Huynh says:

    Reading your email is like opening treasure chest of wisdom. Thank you Tom !

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