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Blood’s major purpose in the body is to carry nutrients (glucose and oxygen) to the cells and to carry waste out through our lungs in the form of carbon dioxide.

When we exercise aerobically we increase blood flow throughout the body. The more aerobic exercise, the greater that blood flow. This means more nutrients and more waste removal.

Exercise also increases blood flow into the Dentate Gyrus. The Dentate Gyrus is part of our brain’s Hippocampus, a region involved in memory formation and neurogenisis (birth of new neurons).

Weight-lifting or resistance exercise stimulates the production of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDFN). BDFN is miracle grow for the neurons inside our brain, helping them not only stay healthy but increase in size.

Lastly, when you lift weights and/or engage in aerobic exercise, this increases the myelin sheath (insulation) around the axons of each brain cell. The thicker the myelin sheath, the faster and more powerful the electrical signals sent by brain cells to one another. This increases how fast you are able to think, a key attribute of those with high IQs.

For those who are pursuing success, you will face obstacles, impediments, seemingly intractable problems and many issues that require you to think better and faster. Exercising every day gives you that slight edge that can make a difference between failure or success.

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