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How much you eat may very well determine how long you live.

In a report issued by Roderick Bronson and Ruth Lipman of the Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University in Boston, reducing your normal intake of food by 40% yields a 20% longer life span.

Eating less does three things:

  1. Reduces DNA damage
  2. Increases DNA repair and
  3. Reduces free radical genetic mutations

Free radical mutations are the result of the mitochondria (power plants inside each cell) breaking down glucose and converting it to ATP, the primary fuel of every cell. During this violent conversion process taking place inside each cell, electrons can be pulled off their molecules and, like a Mexican jumping bean, bounce around inside the cell causing damage. If the wandering electron bounces off the nucleus inside the cell it can damage the DNA that resides inside that nucleus. This can result in mutations that lead to diseases like cancer.

Every time we eat, this metabolic process creates free radicals. So, the less you eat, the less free radical waste you create.

Also, the longer you go without eating, the more time each cell has to clean up this free radical mess. This is why I am such a big proponent of intermittent fasting – fasting for at least 12 hours a day. Intermittent fasting help your body eliminate toxins that accumulate and clean up this free radical pig pen within each cell.

With less toxins and fewer free radicals roaming around inside your cells, your cells have less stress, less exposure to potential DNA damage and, thus, less opportunity for mutations to occur that can lead to diseases such as cancer.

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