Disgusted With Your Life? That’s Actually a Good Sign


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Major life changes always require a catalyst.

Sometimes it’s a dream that inspires you with so much passion, you completely change course in life.

Sometimes it’s an audacious goal that pushes you to work hard towards the realization of that goal. That work forces you to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge that forever changes your life.

Sometimes it’s a break up that causes you to seek personal self-improvement, completely changing you physically and mentally.

Sometimes it’s a job loss that forces you to make a shift in your career, which completely changes the trajectory of your life.

And sometimes it’s just plain disgust.

Disgust may be the single biggest catalyst there is, which forces change.

I like to think of disgust as the Dead End that pushes your back up against the wall, requiring that you do something different.

You reach a dead end when you decide you are simply disgusted with yourself, your circumstances, your relationships, your poverty or your mediocrity.

Disgust forces you to self-assess. This self-assessment often leads to massive changes in your life.

But what if you’re not disgusted with your life and are simply disappointed about your life circumstances?

How do you trigger disgust?

The Dream-Setting exercise of creating a script of your ideal, future life, holds the key to releasing this emotion.

Creating a script of your ideal future life and comparing it to your current life will cause disgust because it creates a conflict deep inside your subconscious mind.

That script activates certain regions within the subconscious mind, whose new mission or directive is to deliver to you the circumstances you described in your script.

The Reticular Activating System, Insula and Thalamus work in unison with the five senses, searching your external environment for people, opportunities and information that can help direct you to the path that leads to the life you desire.

Reviewing your future life script at the start and end of every week will reinforce your desire to change your life and keep your subconscious on alert, searching for the right path to take.

It takes time, but it works.

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