Who Are The Rich?


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According to the Tax Foundation, the top 5% in America makes $231,206 a year or more. This same elite group, according to the Federal Reserve Survey, also happens to control 60% of the nation’s wealth.

Like it or not, this 5% controls the lives of the other 95% in America. They call the shots.

So, who are the 5%?

13% are salesmen/saleswomen

18% are senior executives in big publicly-held companies

21% are “A” students

23% love to ski

24% had a career mentor

25% have a post graduate degree

25% travel as part of their job

27% failed at least once in life in business

28% have a professional designation

29% are “C” students

33% grew up poor or middle-class

36% have a vacation home by the ocean

41% are “B” students

47% went to a private college

47% went to private grammar school

51% are small business owners/entrepreneurs

52% have a second home

54% are optimists

56% worked their way through college

57% count calories every day

62% focus on goals every day

63% played competitive sports in high school

63% took a risk in order to become rich

63% watch less than one hour of T.V. a day

64% live in a modest home

67% are frugal

68% have a college degree

70% eat less than 300 junk food calories a day

72% have enough life insurance to replace their income

72% know their credit score

75% are creative

75% developed specific habits to help them become rich

76% exercise aerobically 30 minutes or more each day

80% pursued a major goal or dream in life

84% say they created their own good luck

85% like what they do for a living

86% associate with other rich, successful people

86% go out of their way to avoid negative, pessimistic people

86% work more than 50 hours per week

88% are savers

91% are decision makers at their job

93% who had a mentor, attribute their wealth to their mentors

94% balance their checkbook every month

94% engage in daily self-improvement

96% have ten or more friends who are successful

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