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In my first job after graduating college, I commuted from Staten Island to New York City by way of the Staten Island Ferry.

Over one thousand people stood inside the ferry terminal, shoulder to shoulder, as they made their way onto the ferry.

I felt like I was part of the herd, and I immediately loathed it.

Outsiders rebel against the herd. And, according to my research data, so do self-made millionaires.

And my research has recently been corroborated.

In an amazing book called The Wealth Elite, author Rainer Zitelmann studied the daily habits of 45 wealthy individuals.

More than 50% of the self-made millionaires in his study had a habit of swimming against the current. They preferred to pursue their own individual path in life rather than be part of the herd.

Self-made millionaires refuse to do what everyone else is doing. That is because they do not want to be like everyone else. The way they see it, everyone who is doing the same thing seems to be eking out a living; just getting by financially in life.

And they want no part of it.

Outsiders find unconventional ways to make their fortunes. They thrive going against the majority. They create unique ways to earn money. They take risks that the herd would never take. They pursue dreams and goals that the herd believes are unrealistic. They are nonconformists.

Your dreams and goals are not unrealistic.

Unleash the rebel inside you. Separate yourself from the herd by pursuing your dreams and goals.

There’s safety and security inside the herd.

But outside the herd is where self-made millionaires are born.

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  1. Cenddie Alaban says:

    What a relief, sometimes I wander if I’m doing the right thing and have even decided to do what my older co-workers have done in their life because it looks like they’re going to survive old age just fine. But they’re still working at 70 and most probably beyond. Thank you Tom, your daily blog mostly answers my fears.

    Cenddie Alaban

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