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One of the valid criticisms of my Rich Habits study is that my study was conducted by a non-academic and, thus, did not apply the generally accepted methodologies used by academia in studies.

Also, my research included both qualitative (Q & A Interviews) and quantitive data, and this deviates from the norm, which is primarily quantitative in nature.

In short, I was an outsider and, thus, not qualified to embark on such a study.

Well, finally, an insider in academia, Reiner Zitelmann, who holds a PhD in History and Sociology and author of 21 books, embarked on a study, very similar to my Rich Habits Study.

Zitelmann’s study, like my Rich Habits study, applied a qualitative and quantitative approach.

In his study, Zitelmann interviewed 45 wealthy individuals. He asked many questions. Each interview lasted between one to two hours during the period of October 2015 – march 2016.

Zitelmann, a professed insider, confirmed the advantages of the qualitative approach to such a study, which I knew, intuitively.

Zitelmann shared his research in an amazing book titled, The Wealth Elite, which I highly recommend.

Zitelmann corroborates many of my findings in my Rich Habits Study. This is a truly remarkable book and I highly recommend it to my audience.

Many of the findings will be very familiar to my followers and subscribers.

While the breath of the study encompasses only 45 wealthy individuals, as compared to 233 in my study, it nonetheless confirms many of the findings in my Rich Habits Study.

Knowledge is power and seeking knowledge is a Rich Habit.

This book is filled with knowledge. It will be another tool in your tool belt that you can use along your journey towards success and the realization of your dreams and goals.

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