Here’s Why Successful People Control Their Emotions


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Emotions are a habit.

How you react emotionally, when life throws a wrench into things, is a habit.

One of the greatest traits of the self-made millionaires in my study was their ability to control negative emotions when all hell was breaking loose.

Why is controlling your emotions so important to success?

In a landmark study called the Broaden and Build Theory, lead researcher, B. L. Fredrickson discovered that negativity reduces cognitive ability. Meaning, emotions prevent you from thinking clearly.

Here’s the physiology behind the Broaden and Build Theory:

When you become emotional, the Amygdala, part of the subconscious Limbic System, takes control of your brain. It overpowers your neocortex, the executive command and control center of the brain.

With the neocortex partially shut down, decisions and actions are directed by the Amygdala.

Often, these decisions and actions are retaliatory and wind up damaging or destroying relationships; relationships you may have devoted a lifetime to building.

Also, these decisions and actions are not well-thought out. Knee jerk reactions/decisions are made; reactions/decisions you would never consider with a clear head.

Because your neocortex is missing in action, you overlook facts and details. Your focus becomes narrow. You are not acting and making decisions with a clear head.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Self-made millionaires forge the habit of controlling their emotions in order to maintain their cognitive abilities. This allows them to think through problems, come up with thoughtful solutions and solve the problem that created the turmoil in the first place.

This is why controlling your emotions is a Rich Habit.

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