How to Grow Relationships With Other Successful People


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In my Rich Habits Study, 80% of the wealthy called certain people religiously at least once every other month, just to say hello.

These were individuals the rich wanted to foster relationships with. Think millionaires, successful people, influencers, etc.

In reality, this Hello Call was far more than a hello call. It was a reconnaissance mission.

There are two purposes to the Hello Call.

The first is to keep the relationship alive through constant contact.

The second purpose is about gathering certain information about the individual they wanted to forge a relationship with. They were making Hello Calls in order to gain intelligence on their contact. The more information they were able to obtain the more they could use that information to grow the relationship.

Rich people have been doing this for years for good reason. They understand that one day these Rich Relationships would pay dividends.

It might be a new client or customer. It might be access to money. It might be a new partner. It might be an open door. It might be any number of things, even just a call to head of the admissions office for you college-bound child.

So, what information should you be gathering in your Hello Calls?

  1. Basic contact information: name, address, phone, email, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  2. Name of spouse and children.
  3. Birthdays of contact, spouse and children.
  4. Interests/Hobbies of contact, spouse and children.
  5. Schools attended by your contact, spouse and children.
  6. What their spouse does for a living.
  7. Previous employment of contact and spouse.
  8. If their children work, what do they do, where do they work?
  9. Where did they grow up?
  10. Where did they live previously?
  11. Do they like sports? If so, what sports?
  12. Do they drink alcohol? If so, what do they like to drink?
  13. What’s their favorite foods?
  14. What groups, non-profits or community organizations are they affiliated with?
  15. Where do they like to vacation?
  16. What did their parents do for a living?
  17. Significant achievements/accomplishments?
  18. Licenses, designations they may have?
  19. Do they exercise? If so, what do they do?
  20. Who are their most important relationships: attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, religious etc. This one comes with time. As you the relationship grows, you will be introduced to the people inside their circle.

This information should be documented and reviewed periodically. The more you know about the relationships that matter, the more those relationships will grow.

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