Relationships Are The Currency of The Wealthy


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80% of the wealthy in my Rich Habits Study used four core strategies to grow and strengthen their relationships:

#1    Hello Call

#2    Happy Birthday Call

#3    Life Event Call and

#4    Networking/Volunteering

The Hello Call is used primarily to gather information on each contact.

The Happy Birthday Call keeps your relationships on life support. At least once a year you are forced to reach out to your contacts to wish them a happy birthday. About 5-10% of these contacts will reciprocate and call you on your birthday, taking your relationship off life support.

The Life Event Call is the most powerful strategy because it puts your relationships on steroids. This is a call you make to acknowledge some life event: birth, death, engagement, marriage, health issue etc

Networking & Volunteering allows you to meet new people and offers the opportunity to showcase your skills in a safe, friendly and stress-free environment.

Volunteering is also where you will find success mentors. Many of the local non-profits are composed of board members who happen to be the most successful people in the community.

Volunteering also offers a stress-free way to develop new skills. Since you can’t get fired, there is little risk in experimentation with new skills. Mistakes will not result in you getting fired for incompetence. Non-profits are grateful to have volunteers and this positive environment provides a great deal of latitude in developing new skills.

Want to learn how to market? Join a committee that helps market those events.

Want to learn bookkeeping? Offer to assist the Treasurer.

Want to learn how to organize teams? Join a committee that is running one of the events.

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