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Tom Corley boats - cropOne of my favorite Rich Habits is Rich Habit #6: I Will Live Each and Every Day in a State of Moderation.

I come from a big Irish family (11). And I married into an equally big Irish family (10). I love it when we get together because we love each other and get along so well. We like to drink, we like to eat, we like to gossip, we like to laugh and, sometimes, unfortunately, we like to fight.

Any problems, when we get together, are very rare. But, when we do have problems, there is always one common denominator – Excess.

If you allow it, excess can become a habit that WILL destroy your life, destroy your relationships, destroy your marriage, destroy your career, destroy your health or destroy your finances.

Excess eating. Excess drinking. Excess spending. Excess drugs. Excess anger. Excess talking. Excess gossiping. Excess smoking. Excess TV. Excess junk food. Excess Internet. Excess procrastination. Excess sloth. Excess sarcasm. Excess disrespect. Excess cursing. Excess working. Excess (fill-in-the-blank).

Excess is your enemy.

The remedy to excess is living your life in moderation. Moderation is really the foundation of discipline. To moderate your behavior, thinking and emotions means to discipline yourself to avoid excesses.

Successful people moderate their excesses. They forge the Moderation Rich Habit.

Because they do, no single thing can damage or control their life. Ultimately, moderation means taking control of your life and dictating how you will live your life.

You choose to be overweight.

You choose to be lean and healthy.

You choose to be angry.

You choose to be happy and grateful.

You choose to become an alcoholic.

You choose to avoid alcohol.

You choose to become a drug addict.

You choose to avoid taking drugs.

You choose to destroy your marriage with infidelity.

You choose to strengthen your marriage by being loyal and trustworthy.

Every excess is a choice you make.

If you want to have a shot at a successful life, you must forge the habit of moderating your behavior, thinking and emotions.

Those who fail, fail for a lot of reasons. Oftentimes, they are man-made reasons and those man-made reasons are almost always our excesses.

Will you let your excesses control your life or will you decide to be the CEO of you behavior, thinking and emotions?

Become the CEO of your life. Live your life in moderation.

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for well over a year and this is the first post I’ve been compelled to comment! Excellent message and counter to what society tells. No one is talking about moderation but blame others for man-made reasons.

    Keep up the excellent work!

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