Cardio Boosts Brain Function


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As many of you who follow me know, daily aerobic exercise was a common habit among the rich in my Rich Habits Study. In fact, 76% of the rich exercised aerobically, 30 minutes or more every day, four to five days a week.

Dr. Picketts, the lead author of a joint study with researchers from Ottawa Hospital and Ottawa University, found that aerobic exercise increased the production of SNF2H, a protein that serves as a growth factor for brain cells. This protein actually increased the myelin sheath around the axons of brain cells.

Myelin Sheath is the insulation around axons. Axons are part of every neuron (brain cell). There is one axon attached to every brain cell. Axons are the part of brain cells that send signals to the dendrites (receivers of brain signals). The thicker the myelin sheath, the stronger and healthier the brain cell. Stronger means the signals sent by the axon are faster and more powerful.

Studies have shown that thicker myelin sheaths around axons correlates to greater cognitive ability (higher IQ).

If you are pursuing a dream or seeking to become a virtuoso at what you do, aerobic exercise increases your chances of success by boosting brain performance.

So, it makes sense that those who eventually become millionaires, long before they become millionaires, forge the habit of exercising aerobically every day. This aerobic exercise habit gives those pursuing success a decided advantage – higher IQ’s and improved brain performance.

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  1. For whatever its worth I know a lot millionaires that don’t exercise aerobically daily. Some of them don’t exercise at all, but I agree exercise is important, but I think every day is somewhat OCD, my opinion.

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