How To Convert Bad Habits to Good Habits


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40% or more of all of our daily activities are habits. Habits are unconscious behaviors, thinking, decisions and emotions that we engage in every day. Many habits are good, like showering every day, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair etc. But many are also bad like drinking to much alcohol, overeating, watching too much T.V.

Bad habits hold us back from living a successful life and good habits help move us forward to a successful life.

Due to our habits, we are either unconsciously moving towards success and a happy life or unconsciously moving towards failure and a miserable life.

The first step in changing your habits and your life, is to self-assess. For one week write down everything you do every day. Those activities that reoccur on a daily basis = daily habits.

With you list of daily habits, the next step is to grade those habits.

Good habits get a plus sign (+). Bad habits get a minus sign (-).

The next step is to invert your bad habits and replace them with a good habit.


Bad Habit                           Good Habit

I don’t read to learn            I read to learn 20 minutes today

I watch too much TV          I watched less than one hour of TV today

I don’t exercise                  I exercised 20 minutes today

Create a checklist of your bad habits you wish to convert to good habits and use this checklist as your accountability partner.

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