Focused Study – The Foundation of Success


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Knowledge and learning are the foundation and springboard for success. It’s impossible to know everything. Therefore, you must focus your study on specific areas that will create the greatest return for the time you invest in learning.

What areas should you focus on?

  • Job – Learn everything about your job.
  • Company – Learn everything about your company.
  • Industry – Learn everything about your industry.
  • Business – Learn everything about the business you are in.
  • Dreams – Learn everything about the dream you are pursuing.
  • Niche – Become exert in your knowledge in one unique area.
  • Valued Relationships – Learn everything about the people who are important to your life, career, business or dream.

Expanding your knowledge is a self-improvement activity that you must engage in on a daily basis. Successful people devote blocks of time to learning and gaining knowledge by studying subject matter that will improve them in some way.

This daily habit eventually transforms you into virtuoso in your job, company, industry, business or niche. Thirty minutes or more of focused learning, every day, creates the consistency you will need to gain virtuoso expertise.

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  1. Another brilliant post Tom.
    It comes down to not being lazy and expecting things to happen by themselves. Unfortunately, too many see school as the end of their learning, when it should be regarded as the pathway to life long learning.

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