How To Turn Your Brain Into a Success Machine


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In November, 2017, DHM Research released the findings of a study on 1,000 American adults. In this study, one-third had created a script, or blueprint of their ideal, perfect, future life. Two-thirds, did not follow any script or blueprint.

What happened?

The one-third who scripted out their lives went on to thrive and succeed. The two-thirds who did not follow any script or blueprint, struggled in life financially and otherwise.

When you create a blueprint of your ideal, future life, you toggle on all sorts of neural mechanisms within the subconscious: the Reticular Activating System, the Insula and the Thalamus.

According to researcher Gerd Gigerenzer (Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious), the unconscious brain (limbic system and brain stem) is far superior to the conscious brain (cortex). It has the ability to take in important information from the external environment that is unseen by the conscious mind.

This unseen information is extracted from the environment via the five senses. The Reticular Activating System (RAS), Insula and Thalamus then process portions of this information and allow it to be received by the cortex.

The unseen information taken in by the RAS, Insula or Thalamus, is information that they deem important. Information is considered important when it is tied to some dream, the goals behind a dream or a life plan (blueprint).

All other information, information not tied to dreams, goals or some blueprint, or not critical to survival, remains unseen – intentionally blocked by the RAS, Insula and Thalamus from entering the conscious mind (the cortex).

This is why having a blueprint is so important. It activates powerful areas of the subconscious mind and allows the subconscious mind and conscious mind to work together, helping you create the life you desire – the life defined by you in your blueprint.

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  1. Francisco Perez says:

    Tom, I cannot say enough thanks for the content of your website. May the Lord continue to Bless you greatly! Great article.

  2. Tom, your articles are so inspiring and we need to be reminded of how important dreams are, not to hide from them to spare oursevles disappointment and disillusionment if we can’t make them happen. I did do this for most of my life, and where am I? Financially, scraping by, but the things I considered most important, family and friends, I have in abundance and that is a wonderful thing, so I am not complaining. But as financial security and the ability to help our loved ones is so important too, I am now going to focus on those and draw up that blueprint because it is also part of the dream, and my dream includes that, but I never dared include that as part of what I wanted, but I do now. I love what you do because it is not elitist, your information is there for everyone, and I believe you want to help everyone help themselves. i would love your books to be in every school library too.

  3. Lisa Schreiber says:

    Amazing information! Thanks Tom!

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