Should You Share Your Dreams and Goals With Others?


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In my book Rich Habits, I shared one of the many Rich Habits that related to the relationships we keep:

I Will Surround Myself With Positive, Upbeat, Success-Minded Individuals.

According to my Rich Habits Study, the basis of the research behind my book, 93% of the 177 self-made millionaires in my study said they intentionally surrounded themselves with success-minded people. Even more interesting, 90% of those 177 millionaires said they avoided associating with toxic people.

Toxic people are typically those with a negative outlook on life. They are pessimistic, negative types who possess bad habits, limiting beliefs, they gossip and create havoc with their relationships.

Jim Rohn has a famous quote related to this: “’You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The point Rohn was making is that those who surround you, your inner circle, influence the circumstances of your life in ways you may not fully comprehend.

Everyone has an Inner Circle. Inside this circle are family members, friends, colleagues at work, and other significant others who you interact with frequently.

You Inner Circle is something that has evolved over time, meaning it was not something you intentionally created. As a result, individuals who have slipped into your Inner Circle may not necessarily share your dreams, goals, ambitions, desires, beliefs, habits, thinking, work ethic, etc.

In fact, some of those residing in your Inner Circle may actually be toxic, meaning they can negatively impact the pursuit of your dreams and goals. They can infect you with their negative beliefs, bad habits, poor work ethic, etc. They can de-motivate you.

In short, these toxic Inner Circle members can de-rail your pursuit of success. And, because they will drag you down and de-motivate you, these toxic Inner Circle members should never be privy to your dreams, goals or aspirations.

The only people who you should share your dreams, goals and aspirations with are individuals who are the opposite of toxic. Individuals who can actually help you in the pursuit of success.

For this very reason, it is critical for you to intentionally build another Inner Circle, or rather a Winner Circle.

You Winner Circle will be comprised of individuals who are upbeat, highly motivated, enthusiastic and possess a positive mental outlook. These are can-do types who will become your biggest cheerleaders.

Your Winner Circle members will encourage you in the pursuit of your dream. They will help keep you motivated about the goals behind your dream. They will have good habits which infect you, helping your dreams and goals become a reality. They will lift you up and keep you going.

Your Winner Circle are the only people with whom you will share your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Be careful who you share your dreams, goals and aspirations with. Be very selective. 

The pursuit of success isn’t easy. It is filled with obstacles, pitfalls and problems. It requires relentless persistence. Many who pursue success, unfortunately fail and I believe it is, in large part, due to the fact that they are surrounded by too many people telling them to quit; to give up the fight.

You therefore need to surround yourself with people, your Winner Circle, who will help you navigate those obstacles and pitfalls and who can also help you find solutions to problems. You need to surround yourself with people who encourage you to keep fighting on and to never, ever quit.

If you are pursuing success, build a Winner Circle and only share with them your dreams, goals and aspirations. Never share your dreams, goals and aspirations with anyone who might discourage you from that pursuit.

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  1. Sir you are right. Many people who came to know about my intentions of coming back to higher studies and completing it have discouraged me badly and it has affected me severely.
    But how do I come out of it.

  2. thank for sharing

  3. What if it turns out your spouse is a dream-killer? Tell her an idea and she points out all the flaws and problems and how unlikely it is?

    • I experienced that myself. I continued to pursue my dream, nonetheless, but kept to myself what was going on. As my dream began to produce financial benefits, my wife became my biggest supporter.

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