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Hardwired by evolution into every human is the desire to be part of a herd.

In the early days of humanity, being part of a herd = survival. With a herd, there was always someone within the herd on guard for predators or danger and also herd members who identified opportunities that could be beneficial to the herd.

In short, herding enabled humanity to flourish into the billions.

As a result of the benefits of herding, individuals therefore seek out herds.

A typical individual is often a member of multiple herds. There’s the family herd, the neighborhood herd, the work herd, the school herd, the people we party with herd, political herds, etc.

As I’ve mentioned often in my writing, speaking, podcasts and media interviews, habits spread like a virus throughout our social networks. A herd is a social network. Therefore, we forge habits that are common among our diverse herds.

So, if you want to forge habits that help improve your life, your health, your finances or your ability to succeed, you must find a herd of people who have the habits you desire. Herding is one of the most effective paths to habit change.

And herds are everywhere.

The boards of local community non-profits are often comprised of the most successful people in the community. These successful people will expose you to habits that will help you become successful.

In your local gym, you will find individuals with good health habits. These health-minded individuals will infect you with their healthy habits.

The Optimist Club is a non-profit group whose members seek to associate with other upbeat, positive individuals focused on running or funding sports programs for children within their community. If you want to forge the habit of a positive mental outlook, join a local Optimist Club.

Toastmasters International is a speaker club. Members of Toastmasters seek to develop or improve their speaker skills. If you want to forge good speaker habits, join a local Toastmasters.

Find your herd and the habits will follow.

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  1. Tom, we did not evolve, but God created. He spoke it and it was. We did not evolve, but we are an amazing creation of the creator of the world.

  2. Amen! God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Christians don’t herd but we do gather.

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