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Pursuing a dream isn’t easy. The obstacles and pitfalls you encounter make you keenly aware of the importance of knowing what to do and what not to do. This “knowing” saves you time and money down the road.

But it takes time and money to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills that prevent mistakes, which ultimatley saves you time and precious money. This learning process is called “Growth”.

The most successful entrepreneurs, therefore, have a growth mindset. They thirst for learning. This desire to learn is often forced upon them when they first begin to pursue the goals behind their dream. And, this desire to learn needs to be regular and consistent, meaning a daily habit.

That’s one of the reasons why habits are so important to success, as an entrepreneur. Habits make success possible by habitualizing learning so goals can be achieved.

Goals, therefore, are the instigators of growth. Goals force entrepreneurs to forge “Growth-Habits”, which are daily routines that automate learning.

What are the daily “Growth-Habits” I discovered in my Rich Habits study of successful entrepreneurs?

  • Growth-Habits That Result in the Acquisition of Knowledge – Often, new goals can only be pursued after acquiring new knowledge. Successful entrepreneurs are able to acquire this knowledge by reading books related to their industry. So, reading is a Growth-Habit. But, thanks to YouTube, they also gain knowledge by watching YouTube videos which inform. So, watching informative videos, is a Growth-Habit. Lastly, many new podcasts offer listeners/subscribers an opportunity to listen and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. So, listening to informative podcasts, is a Growth-Habit.
  • Growth-Habits That Help You Maintain Existing Knowledge – Once again, reading is the main whetstone with which they sharpen their ax. Reading, once again is a Growth-Habit.
  • Growth-Habits That Help You to Develop New Skills – Many goals require the acquisition and development of new skills. This is typically school of hard knocks, or learn by doing-type learning. Through hours of daily Deliberate and Analytical Practice, entrepreneurs are able to become proficient in skills that are necessary in order for them to accomplish their goals. So, Deliberate and Analytical Practice are Growth-Habits.
  • Growth-Habits That Help You Maintain Existing Skills – Deliberate Practice is the primary tool used by entrepreneurs to maintain their skills.
  • Growth-Habits That Short-Cut the Learning Process – Experienced mentors can shortcut the learning process for entrepreneurs. The smart entrepreneurs, therefore, seek out mentors who can teach them what to do and what not to do. This way they can avoid many of the mistakes and pitfalls that result from a lack of knowing or a lack of skills.

This “Growth Mindset” is what separates successful people from ordinary people. Growth transforms you into a Virtuoso (Expert).

By forging the above habits, entrepreneurs are able to transform themselves into the individuals they need to be (Virtuosos/Experts) in order to achieve the goals that transform dreams into reality.

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