Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention To


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One of the hallmarks of self-made millionaires is their ability to intentionally focus their attention. They pay attention to things that help move them forward toward the realization of their dreams and the goals behind their dreams.

This is why creating a blueprint of your ideal, future life is so important. Your blueprint will help you reveal the dreams the goals that will transform those dreams into reality.

When you have a blueprint of the life you desire, this creates clarity of vision and this vision acts like a magnet, drawing your attention and focus to the things in your environment that will help manifest all that you desire.

When you lack a clear vision, anything and everything distracts you – TV, porn, Facebook, Instagram, the Kardashians, sports gambling, texting, email, gossip, partying, Twitter, or any external environmental influence.

When you lack clarity of vision, you become like leaves on a fall day, floating around aimlessly, carried by the wind from one place to the next. Never knowing where you will end up.

That’s most of the population. Only a small fraction of the population has created a blueprint of their lives and spends most of their time working on the dreams and goals that will transform that blueprint into reality.

And that is also why so few control so much wealth.

Focus your attention on what matters – your dreams and goals. When you do, your highly evolved, powerful subconscious mind (limbic system and brain stem) will attract everything you need in order to transform the vision of the life you desire, into reality.

Get focused. Define your future life. If you don’t, others who have a blueprint, will.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    Awesome post! I totally agree with the point you make here.

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