The Antidote to Hopelessness and Helplessness


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Those who embrace Entitlement Thinking, deep down, see themselves as hopeless and helpless victims. And because they are victims, they believe they are entitled to, or have a right to, certain things other people have.

Entitlement Thinking is a Poor Habit fed by this victim mindset. It’s a negative limiting belief fueled by a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

Those who have an Entitlement Mindset believe in the redistribution of the wealth of others in order to level out the playing field. They ignore, however, the effort and sacrifices required in order to create that wealth. They want what they don’t have because, in their minds, they are entitled to it.

Entitlement Thinking is a slow march to poverty, mediocrity and unhappiness. It forever keeps you dependent on others.

Fortunately, there is a way out of the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that is the cause of Entitlement Thinking. That way out is called the Rich Habits:

  • Forging a Positive Mental Outlook
  • Forging Habits That Help You Grow and Improve Your Knowledge and Skills
  • Forge Habits That Build Positivity, Confidence and Happiness (Daily Exercise, Eating Healthy, Read to Learn, Practice New Skills, Express Gratitude Every Day)
  • Eliminating Bad Habits and Do-Nothing Habits
  • Taking Action on Your Dreams
  • Creating and Pursuing the Goals Behind Your Dreams
  • Find Apostles for Your Dreams and Goals
  • Focusing Every Day on Your Dreams and Goals
  • Finding Success Mentors
  • Saving 10% or More of Your Income by Living Below Your Means
  • Daily Self-Education by Reading to Learn 30 Minutes or More Every Day
  • Developing New Skills
  • Creating a Blueprint of Your Ideal Future Life
  • Building Relationships With Other Success-Minded Individuals
  • Controlling Your Emotions
  • Doing Work That You Like or Love
  • Taking Calculated Risks Surrounding Your Dreams and Goals
  • Seeking to Add Value to the Lives of Others
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