Good Habits Are a Down Payment For a Better Tomorrow


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Habits take many years before their effects can be noticed.

The effects of eating too much junk food, drinking too much beer and not exercising, do not show up immediately. But, after many years, these Poor Habits have a rain barrel effect on the body. Their effects on your life fill up your rain barrel year after year, until, one day, your rain barrel overflows. Type II Diabetes, kidney problems, heart disease, etc. result.

Exercising every day, eating healthy and drinking alcohol moderately do not show up in the form of immediate good health. But, after many years, these Rich Habits help your body keep an equilibrium, ensuring that your rain barrel never overflows. Longevity and the ability to jog, bike or play tennis well into your 70’s is the byproduct of these good habits.

Good habits are a down payment for a better future – good health, financial security, strong relationships, etc.

Bad habits are a down payment for future problems – poor health, financial problems and weak or non-existent relationships.

Habits create the circumstances of your future life. That future life is built by your habits.

If you want to live the life of your dreams, you must forge specific habits today that will help create that life.

Habits are the construction crew of your life. They go to work every day to produce the future circumstances of your life. What those future circumstances are, depends on the habits you forge today.

Good habits truly are a down payment for a better tomorrow!

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