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Success is a team sport.

Every self-made millionaire in my study had a Success Buddy – someone who walked alongside them during their long march towards success.

But Success Buddies, real Success Buddies, do more than offer moral support, encouragement and motivation. A true Success Buddy helps you pull the cart when it becomes too hard to pull. They step in, during the tough times, to lend a hand, grab the handles and do the work that needs to be done in order for success to happen.

Success Buddies have an important role in your success:

  • Success Buddies believe in you and your mission.
  • Success Buddies have skills you don’t have, and lend you those skills when you need them most.
  • Success Buddies help you solve problems.
  • Success Buddies recruit others to solve problems, overcome obstacles and who can help you pull your cart.
  • Success Buddies know influencers who can open doors for you.
  • Success Buddies remind you about your goals and keep you focused on the destination.
  • Success Buddies calm you and help keep your emotions in check, so that you can think clearly.

It’s not easy to find a Success Buddy. Like a house, they must be built.

As I’ve often said, relationships are the currency of the wealthy. Self-made millionaires do things to forge strong, enduring and committed relationships: Hello Calls, Happy Birthday Calls, Life Event Calls, consistent networking via charities or non-profits – these are the things that build relationships. And these things take time and effort.

Success Buddies don’t just manifest out of thin air. They don’t drop in your lap. They are constructed and forged over many years.

To find your Success Buddies, you must do the work that transforms ordinary relationships into powerful ones. Eventually, that work will lead you to your Success Buddies And they will become an integral part of your success team.

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