How Many Types of Habits Are There?


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Habits come in all shapes, sizes and complexities.

Habits fall into two broad categories: Keystone Habits and Ordinary Habits.

Keystone Habits are unique and powerful habits. What makes them unique and powerful is that they give birth to other habits. Because they cause the creation of other habits, Keystone Habits impact other areas of your life. They have a domino effect. Once forged, they will begin to change other behaviors.

An example of a Keystone Habit is jogging. Once jogging becomes a habit, it will create other habits, such as eating healthy, avoiding junk food, moderating your consumption of alcohol or driving you to reduce or eliminate a cigarette smoking habit.

Some habits are less powerful, stand-alone habits, that have no impact on other areas of your life. They are known as Ordinary Habits.

An example of an Ordinary Habit would be brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or mowing your lawn on Tuesdays.

Within these two broad categories of habits, however, are numerous habits. Some habits create happiness. Others sadness. Some help you to become successful and wealthy. Others drag you down to poverty and failure. Some help you maintain good health. Others are toxic and destroy your health. Some improve your knowledge and skills. Other habits keep you ignorant.

Habits are not something to be ignored. They are literally driving the car in which your life is the passenger.

If you ignore them or pay them no mind, they will drive you to awful places. If, instead, you are acutely aware of your habits, you can avoid bad ones and forge good ones. You’ll like where that car takes you in life, because you are telling it where you want to go through your habits.

Awareness and tracking of your daily habits is a prerequisite for changing them. Once you know what your habits are, you can change them. Adding and subtracting habits becomes much easier when you know which ones to add or subtract.

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  1. Tom
    Where do I find the information so that I can identify both my good & bad habits? I’d very much like to change bad ones and grow the good ones. Knowing which ones to change would be beautiful. For me one bad habit is consuming too much sugar .
    Any help would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED ❗️

  2. Godfrey Bungei says:

    Thank you for sending such inspirational articles. Regards

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