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We are living in an age of unprecedented technological advancement. New technologies force widespread change. Most view such change as a good thing. Society is advancing, so that is good.

But technological change makes repeating a behavior easier to do and can easily become a habit. The question is – is that new behavior good or bad?


YouTube can be a good or bad habit. I often use it to help me figure things out or develop new skills: build a horseshoe pit, understand how the seasons work, do a pig roast, build a fire pit, etc. So, for me, YouTube is a good habit. But YouTube could easily be a bad habit. Using it for entertainment transforms YouTube from an educational habit into a recreational, Do Nothing Habit.


Twitter, when used to acquire information, knowledge, or for business, is a good habit. When used as a platform to incite unrest, agitate, fight, disparage, etc., it becomes a bad habit.


When Facebook is used to build and maintain relationships, that’s a good habit. When used to brag about a vacation, express a political opinion (all expressed political opinions are divisive, which harms relationships) or to disparage others, it becomes a bad habit.


I just learned that you can use Instagram to create stories. If you use Instagram Stories to help promote your business or to share valuable knowledge, then it becomes a good habit. If, however, you use Instagram to create weekend videos of you partying, it becomes a bad habit.

Cell Phones

Using cell phones to help you maintain your relationships, your business, to read books, for eduction, etc., is a good habit. Using cell phones for recreational purposes transforms that cell phone into a bad habit.


There are close to four million apps out there, which you can download for various purposes. If the apps help you become more productive, healthy, or to improve in some way, they are a good habit. If the apps are recreational, they become Do Nothing Habits.

Technology, therefore, can create good or bad habits.

Awareness is the key to keeping your habits under control. Because technology is so swift, it is easy to forge a habit before you become aware of its deleterious effects.

What technological habits have you created? Are they good or bad?

Those who take control of their lives, take control of their habits. You are the CEO of your life.

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