Ignorance is a Habit


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Pondering the direction of your life is a Rich Habit. It’s a Rich Habit because it creates awareness. Pondering requires that you ask yourself questions about your current life circumstances. Asking those life questions forces you to answer them:

  • Are my current life circumstances what I expected at this point in my life?
  • Am I making as much money as I expected?
  • Why don’t I make more money? What’s holding me back?
  • Do I have as much in savings/investments that I expected to have at this point in my life?
  • Am I saving as much as I expected I would be saving at this point in my life?
  • Am I healthy?
  • Do I exercise as much as I should? If not, why not?
  • Do I eat healthy most of the time?
  • Do I have strong relationships with others?
  • Am I investing in those relationships like I should?
  • Do I love or at least like my job?
  • Do I work with people I enjoy being around?
  • Do I work hard enough?
  • Is there something I really would rather do to earn money?
  • Do I regularly set goals?
  • Do I achieve my goals 100% of the time?
  • Do I have bad habits? If so, what are they?
  • What habits should I have that I don’t?
  • Do I treat others right?
  • Do I treat my family right?
  • Am I happy most of the time?
  • Am I angry too often?
  • Am I grateful for what I have?
  • Do I envy what others have?
  • Do I spend too much money?
  • Do I waste my money of unimportant things?
  • Am I charitable with my time and money?
  • What non-profit organizations should I devote some of my time to?
  • How much money do I spend every month on housing, my car(s), entertainment, alcohol, drugs, gambling? Am I spending too much on those things?
  • What do I spend my time on every day?
  • How much of that time is wasted time?
  • Do I waste too much time watching TV, Netfilx, YouTube, etc.?
  • Do I waste too much time trolling the Internet?
  • How many books have I read the past few years, other than for recreation?
  • What am I doing to improve my life circumstances?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What makes my heart sing?
  • What do I want my obituary to say about me?

When you ponder, when you ask yourself life questions, the answers to those questions creates an itch that must be scratched. Life questions, irritates the subconscious, which then goes to work, behind the scenes, to seek solutions and correct the imbalance. Intuition, or that voice inside your head, soon follows, newly directing your behavior.

Unfortunately, most people won’t devote any time pondering and asking questions about their life because, deep down, they know they will not like the answers.

Ignorance is not bliss. When you ask, and you shall receive ……… wisdom.

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