Every Step We Take is a New Chapter in Our Lives


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There’s a path that leads from the street to my front yard. I put it there many years ago, right before the college graduation party we were throwing for my middle child, Kirsten. I wanted a place for some of the party people to walk after parking their cars in our cul-de-sac. There are about twenty 12 x 12 paver stones. Really nice looking stones.

Well, I was sitting on my front stoop the other night. I looked at each one of those stones and thought how they very much seemed to me to represent the chapters in my life.

The first stone, working my way through college. The next stone for meeting my future wife. Another for marriage. The following stone, getting that big job at Arthur Andersen. Right after that was the stone that represented going to graduate school at night. Another for starting our family. There was a stone for our first main home. One for my relocation to Rhode Island. There was also the stone for the failed start-up that almost put me into bankruptcy and divorce.

There were three subsequent stones for each one of my kids graduating college. I am very proud of those stones.

Their were happy stones and sad stones.

The last stone on my path is the one I love the most. It’s the stone that represents the dream I decided to pursue so many years ago – to become a successful writer. What a beautiful stone!

We are all walking a path in life. Each step, a new chapter. Some chapters are good and some not so good.

But, the chapters we will remember most are the ones that represent the dreams we decide to pursue.

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  1. Rhoda Gonzales says:

    I read your post every morning. It is an inspiration. Thank you for your written work.

  2. The article is similar to the days when I reflect on my failures and achievements at the same time. Indeed we do have happy and sad stones… yet there are precious stones that would make us happier and these will be our stone for our passion. Hopefully, I’ll get there too one day… I just purchased two of your books last week by the way… excited to get it this week and hoping it would help me 🙂

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