Six Ingredients to Happiness


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A January 2008 study on 973 pairs of adult twins, many of whom were identical, found that 50% of happiness was genetic. The remaining 50% was dictated by your behaviors, environment, associations, finances and other factors.

In this study, the researchers established six components that were indicators of happiness:

#1 Self-Acceptance – Essentially, this is about liking who you are.

#2 Life Control – Having control over the direction of your life.

#3 Personal Growth – The daily pursuit of self-improvement and growth as a human being.

#4 Positive Relationships – Surrounding yourself with upbeat, optimistic, loving, happy people.

#5 Pursuit of Goals – Regularly creating and pursuing goals that are important to you.

#6 Autonomy/Independence – Being self-reliant and not dependent on others for maintaining your standard of living.

These six factors are influenced by your behaviors, actions, habits and the relationships you decide to surround yourself with.

Is it possible to increase each of these six factors?

The answer is yes. In my book, Change Your Habits Change Your Life, I devote a great deal of content to Happiness Habits – daily habits which boost these six factors. Here’s some of that content:

  • Daily Exercise
  • Daily Learning
  • Rich Relationships – Eliminating or minimizing exposure to toxic people and forging relationships with upbeat, positive, enthusiastic individuals.
  • Practiced Positivity – Read upbeat content, meditate, listen to inspirational music, watch inspirational videos meditate, looking for things to be grateful for, etc.
  • Pursuing Dreams and the Goals Behind Your Dreams.
  • Saving Money and Investing Those Savings Prudently – Saving 20% or more of your income and investing it prudently will eventually make you financially independent.

When you have Happiness Habits, you automate happiness. Make happiness a habit!

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