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One of the hallmarks of very successful people is that they are:

  • Adept at assessing personalities.
  • Surround themselves with upbeat, positive, optimistic, outgoing, open-minded, can-do personality types and
  • Avoid Toxic, negative, closed-minded personality types.

Researchers from Northwestern University recently re-defined the nature of personality types by sifting through data from more than 1.5 million respondents of the following personality surveys: John Johnson’s IPIP-NEO Questionaire, myPersonality Project respondents and the BBC Big Personality Test database.

According to the study, individuals fall into one of four personality categories:

  1. Average – Somewhat high-strung and extroverted. These individuals display nervous, compulsive and obsessive traits while at the same time are very outgoing. Most people fall into this category.
  2. Reserved – Not particularly outgoing, somewhat agreeable (get-along types), trustworthy and do not get nervous or anxious.
  3. Role Models – Laid-back, mellow, outgoing, open-minded and dependable, trustworthy types.
  4. Self-Centered – Very outgoing, however these individuals display personality characteristics which make them unreliable, disagreeable, closed-minded, confrontational and their lives are filled with drama.

According to my Rich Habits research, successful individuals would seek out individuals who possess both the Reserved and Role Model characteristics. They would also avoid individuals who fall into the Self-Centered personality profile.

You will only be as successful as the individuals you surround yourself with. It is therefore paramount to understand the various personality characteristics of others – you must become adept at assessing personalities and build a team with the personality traits that make success possible.

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  1. David Corey says:

    Great content and so very true. Thanks for the work you do to help people who are choosing to be successful

  2. I think people need to avoid echo chambers. If you are doing well and moving up in the world, be close friends(like call anytime or give/get a kidney) with someone who doesn’t have lots of money, maybe someone who works hard but doesn’t have health insurance, certainly someone with differing political beliefs. Yes, avoid toxic, but avoid the situation where you think everyone is like you.

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